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Webmity’s built-in artificial intelligence can paraphrase existing texts while retaining the full message, human quality, and uniqueness on a  internet scale! New unique text in seconds.

Check the quality of the text rewrite. Paste a sample text of which you would like a rewrite into the field next to it and click the button.

Who are you?

Webmity has many uses. Select who you are to see our suggestions for use.

Build your own network of quality themed portals. You can share it for your clients as redirected high quality traffic or links. You can create websites directly for your clients. Finally, everything under your control. Take care of traffic and quality instead of keeping an eye on technical issues.

Build a network of websites with unique content for your agency and take your campaigns to the next level of effectiveness. With Webmity, you can quickly create and develop as many pages as you need. Regardless of your goal: Link building, SEO, PPC, Display, MFA with Webmity you will achieve everything faster, All in one application - add content and you are done.

Every store should sell. For a potential customer to make a purchase he/she searches the Internet for information about products to make the best decision. Webmity allows you to create a network of information pages that will convince users that your products are worth buying. Fight with content for the customer at every stage of acquiring information. With Webmity you will increase conversions and sales through SEO.

Webmity allows you to increase your website traffic. With simple integrations you have the opportunity to expand your reach. Our application will allow you to surround the main "Address" with many smaller publishers - thematically related. Thanks to that, the whole group of websites will gain thematic relevance in the eyes of search engines' algorithm. Why does it work? Your competitors do not have access to the sites you have created - they will never get a link or any traffic from them - unless you let them.

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Philosophy of webmity

Important things

Don't care

Forget about hacks, updates, plugins, backups or load speed optimization. Bulk actions for multiple websites. Automate and integrate your systems through a simple REST API. Zero IT knowledge. Only one login and password for all your websites and tools. Accessible from anywhere in the world.


Each of your sites may be built on a different template, installed on a separate server in a different DNS zone, have a different URL structure. Include add-ons like comments, simple contact forms, free SSL certificates, native visitor statistics. Integrate with Google Analytics / Google Search Console / Facebook Pixel. 


We skip WYSIWYG. Just complete predefined fields, add or import articles, complete graphics such as logos or optional banners. Done! Everything with the highest visual quality.

We provide SEO statistics for each domain such as Majestic TrustFlow, CitationFlow, Reffering domains, Google Site, etc.

Client Support

An active subscription allows you to access our technicians and marketers through a ticket support system. Our technical customer service works 12 hours a day.

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See what has been integrated

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Complete CMS

Build, manage, analyze and integrate websites in one place. Automate tasks with a unified API.

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Webmity will install your websites on physically separate native servers located in Europe and the World.

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Domain registrar

Keep your domains in one place. Organize your renewals. Limit the number of invoices.

Responsive templates

See what the websites look like

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App monitors all websites

We check every few minutes to make sure the server and website are online. If it is not working, we mark it in the panel and send a report to our technicians. You do not have to do anything.

Keywords position monitoring in Google

Every day we check the positions achieved by your websites. You can choose the language and location from which we check the positions. Generate PDF reports with the positions.

Full statistics of visits

You don’t have to install external statistics like Google Analytics (but you can). Webmity natively monitors visits from web surfers by breaking them down into page views, visits, and bot visits. By handling statistics at the server level, web pages are not tied together by similar code or javascript identifiers in the page code. You can also install Google Analytics.

SEO campaign monitor

Are you linking to external domains from websites built in Webmity? We'll provide you with full linking statistics: anchors, link attributes, link types, proportions, and we'll show you which article the link or banner came from. You can create multiple campaigns.

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Script injector

Inject your own html/css/js code into thousands of articles on different domains. It can be a contact form, an ad, a banner or a link. You can choose the place for example at the end of the article, under the first photo in the article, after the third paragraph etc. Rules can be defined for selected domains and categories.

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White label ready

Your clients can use Webmity under your brand. You can create sub-accounts, set their expiration dates, transfer points from your main account to sub-accounts. You can also log in as a customer without knowing their password (log in as).

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Small functions are great

Attention to detail. We try to give as much hints and information as possible.

Linking helper

We will suggest you websites from Webmity from which you have not linked an external site. We will show you the number of outgoing links and SEO statistics. Data on a platter, time to decide.

Image bank

Webmity is integrated with the largest royalty free licensed image banks. Speed up your work.

Cloud drive

Upload your photos, documents and files to the cloud. Share them directly on your pages.

Image memory

Webmity selects the photo that you have already published on the websites. Globally on your account but also on a selected domain.


Webmity works with

Google Analytics

Plug in additional google analytics as Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4. 

Google Tag Manager

Manage all your website tags without editing code. Google Tag Manager delivers simple, reliable, easily integrated tag management solutions.

Facebook Pixel

Integrate your Facebook account with pages in Webmity. Paste Facebook Pixel ID.


Use our simple integration to import data from your wordpress websites. We will download categories, articles and images. Read more

Uniqueness of texts

Webmity checks the uniqueness of the added article on google. If a duplicate is detected, it will inform you about it. 

Rest API

One API for all your websites. Automatically add articles with images, retrieve page/domain list, visitor stats, google keywords position etc. See documentation and sample scripts in PHP.

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