Yes, any number. You need to load additional points from which we will settle the payment. Learn more about prepaid point balance.

Yes, you will sort out where to keep your domains. Keep in mind that the transfer of some domains may involve a fee. This depends on the domain extension and the registry that handles it.

Domains will be able to be automatically renewed from your prepaid points balance. Learn more about points

Yes. However, you will have to set the dns entries yourself according to the instructions that Webmity will give you.

Full list of supported domain extensions and pricing can be found by logging into the Webmity panel.

Full list of supported domain extensions and pricing can be found by logging into the Webmity panel.


Currently you can pay with a credit and debit card. Option to pay by bank transfer for annual subscription. We will be adding more payment methods soon.

Definitely not. You pay for an account that has all the services described in the price list. You receive one invoice.

You can change the plan at any time.

Log in to your client area and stop your subscription at any time. Webmity will not charge you again.

Yes. If your trial isn’t canceled within 1 month, we’ll automatically bill you for a regular monthly subscription.

Definitely yes. If our plans are not sufficient for you, please write to us describing your needs.


Webmity is provided exclusively under the SAAS model. We do not plan to provide a self-install version. If you are interested in using Webmity with your logo and domain ask us about our White Label service.

We do not limit but monitor the number of active user sessions. Any number of users may log in to one account at the same time, but they use the same login data. If you want to create subaccounts, you are interested in higher packages or write to us.

Yes, Webmity is ready for it. Only you will know that your customers or coworkers are working on Webmity. We will let you change the logo, login domain, design with css styles, or the domain from which emails are sent. Ask us if you have any questions.


Yes. We are planning to launch a premium template section in the future.

Yes, but it must be adjusted to the Webmity by our technical department. You must own the property rights to the added template.

Is this service paid?
Yes, ask us about costs.

We can customize and add your template to Webmity. The template is then not available to other users.

Yes. You can choose on which subaccounts dedicated templates are available.

Of course. That’s what we built Webmity for. We automated everything possible. We’ll adjust article image sizes, display your content in a new template, save url structure etc. You will have to adjust custom graphics such as banners or logos.

As many times as you want. You can use the entire available template base on all your pages. We do not limit the number of uses.

We are constantly expanding our template database. The number of available templates is constantly changing.

It depends on what kind of change it is. You can overwrite CSS styles and add javascript yourself. If these methods are not enough to modify the template to your needs, we can modify it as a ‘dedicated template’.


No. Webmity is a dedicated system and is not compatible with WordPress plugins. We also care about security of our customers so there is no possibility to add external executable files.

Yes. Use the built-in ‘WordPress Content Importer’ feature. Follow the instructions provided in the panel.

We described this in a simple diagram. Click here.

Webmity automatically selects hosting, pushing your new sites to servers you don’t already use. If your hosting does not meet your requirements, write to us and we will change your hosting in a few minutes (change requires dns propagation).

No. We want to relieve you from taking care of maintaining data integrity, backups, renewals, scaling resources, paying, checking availability and uptime. A closed hosting environment guarantees increased security to our users. While building Webmity, we wanted to diversify resources as much as possible.