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Domain management

Register new domain

You can register brand new domains of any extension at great prices. The cost of registration is taken from your prepaid balance – points. One invoice.

Transfer domain

Transfer any domain to Webmity. You will gain full automation. You can renew it directly from the panel with prepaid points.

Import external domain

You can add domains registered with external companies to Webmity. You must then manually set their DNS entries to those provided by the system (they may be different for each domain). 

Buy SEO domain

In the panel we provide a list of domains with positive history (backlinks) and high marketing indicators (ahrefs, majestic, moz). Many domain extensions available. Choose a domain that matches your topic and build a website with traffic on it.

Domain maintenance

You can register domains and point them outside of Webmity (DNS). Such domains do not increase the used satellite websites limit.

All domains are yours

Domains are registered to your personal or company information. We are only the technical operator of your domains.

Website controls

Template library

Everything is ready. Take advantage of our built-in template library. Beautiful pages without coding.

SEO configuration

We know it’s important. You can edit title, description, keywords for main page and sub pages. You can also set title suffix for all subpages.

On/off switcher

Are you working on building a website? Don’t want others to see it? Turn it off. We will authorize you and you will see it so you can develop it.

URL structure switcher

Unify the construction of your sites. Change the structure of URLs. Take advantage of some exotic URL structures.

Language support

Select the language of the satellite site from the available list. We will customize the displayed dates, tags and translate the most common phrases like: add, submit, etc.

Favicon support

Stand out by using favicon for your satellite sites. Take care of what others overlook.

Detect 404 pages​

You can redirect all 404 errors to the home page with one checkbox. You can also redirect specific URLs to existing subpages. 

Free SSL certificate

We have automated the handling of SSL certificates. Install the free Let’s Encrypt with one click. We’ll keep an eye on its renewals.

Native popup manager

Configure native ads/popup windows and collect statistics. You don’t need any plugin.

Contact form creator

Select your form fields. Enter the address to which we should send messages. Decide if the form will be a popup, widget or embedded in the page. Messages from all websited will be presented to you in the Lead module.

Banner rotator

Each template has a minimum of one banner space where images with links are rotated. You can add a lot of banners without taking up space on the page. You also don’t give away that the site is for SEO.

Sitemap generator

For each satellite website we automatically generate a map in XML format. Each change you make on the website, e.g. adding an article, will update the sitemap.

Add or delete 'www'

Decide if you want to use the ‘www’ prefix. Select the desired option with a single switch. We suggest using both versions for diversification

Email alias support

A different email on each domain. Handling messages from one panel.

Redirect 301/302 manager

Make the most of the power of captured domains and redirect non-existent URLs to your articles. You can also do this from subdomains. Apply bulk rules.

Bots indexing blocker

Block search engine robots if you want: Bingbot, Yahoo!, DuckDuckBot, Baiduspider, YandexBot, Sogou, Exabot, Alexa. Block app bots: Majestic, Ahrefs, MOZ, Wayback Machine, FindLinks.

Custom CSS style

Adjust or change the look of the page using custom CSS styles. Override default rules to personalize your template.

Custom Javascript code

You can add your own scripts to each website. Modify or extend the functionality as needed.



Control the placement of text and elements.Add H1-H6 headers, embed Youtube videos, etc. Image publishing is integrated with a file manager.

Publication calendar

Manage publication dates from a simple calendar. Schedule publications in advance or publish something backdated 😉

Image bank

Webmity is integrated with the largest royalty free licensed image banks. You can search for images in several languages. Speed up your work. 

Article categories

Create topic sections, Google likes it. You can assign each article to a category of your choice. You can create as many categories and subcategories as you want. Drag&drop support.

Main article photo

You don’t have to do anything. Publish a minimum of one image in an article using the WYSIWYG editor – you don’t have to tag it. We will detect the photos ourselves and set the first photo as the main photo. Of course you can change it.

Automated image cropping

Add a photo in the body of the article. We will detect it ourselves and adjust it to the needed dimensions in the template of your choice. You change the template, we will do it again automatically.

Choose what is important in the picture​

Mark which part of the photo is important e.g. face, logo, tree. Cropping photos to thumbnails will leave the marked part of the photo visible.

Length of articles

Stick to the guidelines to make your text rank better. We give you a live hint on how many characters and words your text contains

Two article views

Webmity presents your articles in two ways. In the first one, we focus on the content, showing text stats, length, article preview, published material in it (jpg, doc, pdf, mp3, etc). The second is a convenient list where you can easily find what you want.

Content search engine

We will search articles from all your domains for the phrase you typed. We’ll do it in seconds.


AI Text Rewriter

The AI built into Webmity will rewrite any text you paste in a few moments. The same content value, human text quality, and uniqueness on the Internet scale. Multiple languages support. Is this what you’re looking for?

AI Content Generator

With AI you can generate new articles of different lengths based on the keywords you enter (main keyword and additional keywords). You can create content in English and other languages!

Multi-language support

Webmity can create content in several languages: Polish, English, German, French, Russian, Czech, Bulgarian, Greek, Japanese, Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish or Italian.


What is a campaign?

It’s a place where you can measure and watch how you promote/position your target page.

Backlink checker

We will show you exact links, anchors, follow/nofollow attributes, link type (image, text), alt text from images, domains and articles from which you have linked the landing page. We monitor every day whether the added link is not lost

Domain marketing statistics

We provide marketing statistics for each domain from the Majestic tool. Data is refreshed every few days.

Keywords position monitoring

Every day we check the positions achieved by your websites. You can choose the language and location from which we check the positions. Generate PDF reports with the positions.

Position monitoring geolocation

You can choose from which country and city we will check the search results. This is our response to Google’s location-dependent results.

Full positions history

We do not delete data. You can view historical data without limit. Analyze and correlate which phrases grow best in which period.


Native statistics

We collect statistics on server-side page hits. This way you can always use them without any integration. We separate the bots and present their traffic on a separate graph. You can also use Google Analytics or other.

Why default server-side stats?

We don’t want to tie the websites together. According to our philosophy, each website should look different, be hosted on a different server, use different tools for full separation. Thanks to server-side statistics it is possible.

Page views / Visits / Bots

We present statistics for each domain and article separately. You can also track traffic for your whole account.

Webtraffic comparison

Compare increases or decreases. Choose the period you want to compare and see if the campaign is going in the right direction. You can also compare SEO stats from Majestic for each site.

Backlink / Referring domain history

We store these parameters provided by Majestic in our database. We display the graph in Statistics. Easily see if your site is losing inbound links.

Script injector

Inject any code to article

Simple but brilliant. This module allows you to inject any html /css / javascript code into articles on specified domains (you can also define for which categories). You delete the added code with one click from hundreds of articles.

Inject 3 codes in one article

You can inject up to 3 elements into one article, for each of them defining a separate place for example after the first paragraph, at the end of the article, before the photo, randomly, etc.

Unlimited rules

You can define as many rules as you want – the number of rules does not depend on the package or website size. You decide.

One rule for hundreds of pages

Webmity allows you to apply one rule to any number of websites by defining for each domain different categories (or for the whole) on which the code should be added to the article.

What can I do with it?

What you want. A simple way to add ads such as Google Ads. You can advertise your client’s campaign on satellite sites by placing a banner with a link to your online store as html code:
<p><a href=””><img src=”” width=”500″ alt=”Banner 1″ /></a></p>

We do this directly in the page code

The code you are injecting is located directly in the main html document of the page the user is viewing. Thanks to that you can use this module to automate for example adding links to many pages while keeping control. Injected data are not loaded by asynchronous methods (on user’s browser side).

Cloud file manager

Two types of uploaded files

We are organizing the work in Webmity. We split all files into two sections: ‘Images and Photos’ and ‘Documents and Files’. You can use keyboard shortcuts (crtl, shift, ctrl+a) to select files.

Unlimited number of files​

You can add as many photos as you need. We do not limit the number of uploaded files.

Create directories

You can create multiple immersive directories that will help you create your own repository of materials for your pages.

We tag the images used

We monitor the use of each image. In the manager you get information on how many domains from your account it has been used. We also inform you in how many articles it was published.

Replace photo

If you use an image for which you do not own the copyright or you want to update it, you can replace the image in the manager. Webmity will automatically replace the image on every page where it is used.

API upload available

If you have an account with API enabled you can upload files remotely from external systems / script. You will find all files in a directory named ‘api’.


Easy payments

We use the most popular payment methods. If you have any problem write to us.

Automatic invoicing

The system will automatically issue an invoice for each transaction. 

Prepaid balance

Recharge your points to purchase additional services such as domain registration and renewal.

Points history

You have access to the history of every transaction in your account We pair charges with purchases. 


We are developing Webmity

We are constantly developing the application. We often make updates or corrections that you can’t even see. If you have any problems with the operation – write to us.

Technical support

Our technicians and programmers are available under the ticket system. Open a ticket from your customer panel and we will deal with it as quickly as possible.

Send us your suggestions

We listen to our customers. If you have comments about features or modules describe them to us. We will also be happy to hear your suggestions for new features and further application development direction.