Cloud-hosted (always ready to start)Self-hosted (requires installation and configuration)
 Secure against hacking attacksSafe only if you add proper security, verify plugins, templates and keep all components updated
 Autoupdated by Webmity Team You do it yourself
 Hosting integrated (physically separate servers in different geolocations – read more)You install, renew and support on your own servers
Template librarySearch/buy, customize, update and fix errors of templates yourself
Bank photos integratedYou do it yourself
Publication calendar (delayed publication of articles)Delayed publication of articles
Easy to manage from one placeManageable from one place only by external managers to whom you must grant access to the servers
Full site managementExternal manager mainly manages content
Domain manage (register, renewal, change dns etc)You must use external services
Lead collector from all sitesOptionally via external modules
Complete native visit statistics (per article, per domain, account, bots statistics)Optionally via external software for e.g. Google Analytics
Website and hosting monitoringOptionally via external software
Website migration between servers on clickManual operation
Full separation of resources (dns, hosting, template, URL structure, code, catalog emulation etc)You have to take care of it yourself
Keywords position monitoring in GoogleYou must use external services
Outgoing backlink checkerYou must use external services
Majestic SEO domain statsNone
Verification of the uniqueness of textsYou do it yourself
Daily account backupYou do it yourself or external services
Prepaid points balance (one invoice, order what you want)Another payment and invoice for every functions/service/domain
Easy REST API (see Docs)API
Structured media export after subscription ends ( read more)You have to take care of it yourself
PaidFree, but many features pay extra