We work with our customers to the end

We will prepare your data ready for migration in case you cancel your Webmity account. See below what data and information you will receive when your subscription ends:

  • Export of all articles from your account in two formats:
    • PDF: we will export all articles to an aggregate pdf file. We will keep the breakdown by domain and category in it. We also include native formatting of text or headings. You know what you have accumulated in your account,
    • Raw html code: we export each article in raw html code format as .txt file. We export each article with full formatting, links to external websites, image references, anchors and all other html code elements used in Webmity. We package these all files into a .zip format maintaining the domain breakdown,
  • All article categories,
  • Full visit statistics for all articles from the entire account period in CSV format. They will be divided into: page views, visits, Google robot visits and visits of other robots,
  • Full summary visits statistics for the whole account in the format as described above,
  • All the files you have uploaded to Webmity,
    • Images and photos: as JPG/PNG files with the same names that are linked in the html code of the articles – easy to reproduce,
    • Documents and files: in their native form,
  • favicon.
If you don’t want to maintain a domain service with us (no subscription needed) we will provide you with authcodes for domains whose registries have them.